Taylor Swift boasts a bunch of costume changes in her Red tour, and they weren't easy to come up with or make! Her tour stylist is speaking out on the hard work that went into creating Swift's fairy tale, retro, dramatic stage garb.

The Hollywood Reporter talked to Marina Toybina, who created Swift's combination of ethereal, fresh and fierce looks for her massive summer tour.

Toybina explained that she got inspiration for her designs from Swift's music. "Taylor's songs, as well as our passion, art and individuality," Toybina gushed. "It is the fire inside all of us that keeps the mind believing and the heart beating. My goal was to make sure each design told its own story and could serve as a visually, beautiful extension to Taylor's stage presence."

If fashion design doesn't work out for Toybina, maybe she can write Hallmark cards!

Toybina also revealed that Swift was crucial in the entire creative process. "Like any design project, you have certain stages of artistry that must be obtained in order to accomplish the unexpected. For me, production details, choreography, conceptual staging and of course, Taylor's vision was key," Toybina said.

Each outfit was specifically tailored (or Taylored) to Swift's songs. "Once Taylor created her set list for the tour and the choreography was discussed, the design process was in full effect to incorporate Taylor's ideas," Toybina continued. "After my designs were approved, sketches locked in and fabrics chosen, Taylor's feedback was integrated with details tweaked. Draping, sewing, creating and handcrafting became beyond a full time job. It took my team and me a little over three weeks to put the entire tour together -- difficult, but not impossible. The fittings went successfully, dress runs were exciting and then, it was showtime!"