The full track list. #TS1989

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Taylor Swift has finally lifted the veil of secrecy behind the track list of songs that will appear on '1989' this Tuesday, Oct. 27. The singer-songwriter tweeted a photo on Instagram with the full titles and order in which the songs will appear on her fifth studio album.

The photo reveals that '1989' will feature the following songs in this order:

1. 'Welcome to New York'
2. 'Blank Space'
3. 'Style'
4. 'Out of the Woods'
5. 'All You Had to Do Was Stay'
6. 'Shake It Off'
7. 'I Wish You Would'
8. 'Bad Blood'
9. 'Wildest Dreams'
10. 'How You Get the Girl'
11. 'This Love'
12. 'I Know Places'
13. 'Clean'

Swift has been sharing lyrics from each song leading up to the day of release on the 27th, but this is the first that we have the full titles for each of the 13 songs.

At the moment, we can only speculate regarding which songs are about which ex-boyfriends, but you can bet that we'll look forward to dissecting each and every track.

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