Taylor Swift has performed at the Victoria Secret runway show twice and has wowed everyone each time. And although there were rumors that she would be a future Angel, Taylor did walk away with some inspiration from the famous lingerie brand.

“I loved playing the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, so I took inspiration from the costume designers and how brilliant they are with glitter," she told People. "There are a lot of sparkly elements to my 1989 tour.”

And if you've managed to get a ticket to her "1989 World Tour," you'll see that many of her outfits glimmer. “I really like the way the light hits sparkles,” she told the magazine. “It turns everything into a fancy situation.”

But the sparkle doesn't stop there. She's also got the fans involved in the glitter action.

“Everybody’s got bracelets on that sparkle," Taylor said. "So, not only is the crowd being entertained by all the sparkly stuff we’re doing on stage — we’re looking out on to 60,000 people who look just like a glittery sky of stars. Ugh, I love it.”

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