Is a romantic reunion in the works for Taylor Swift and 'Twilight' actor Taylor Lautner? According to Swift, the answer to this question is a big fat "no," which should actually have a lot of Twi-hards breathing easy right now since their beloved Jacob is still on the market.

When asked about TayTay (yes, we gave them a couple name) rekindling their love during a recent interview, the 'Story of Us' singer told radio host Ryan Seacrest that this was merely a rumor. "Didn’t hear that one! We’re incredibly close friends but that’s not something that’s newsworthy so people write other stuff. We’re just really good friends!"

Swift and Lautner began dating back in 2009 after meeting on the set of the romantic comedy 'Valentine's Day,' which actually had the duo casted as boyfriend and girlfriend. They dated for three months until breaking up in Dec. 2009 on amicable terms.

In the past, Swift has been linked to Joe Jonas and Jake Gyllenhaal, and many of her songs have been written about her past relationships. We wonder who will be the next lucky (or unlucky if he breaks her heart, because you bet your behind that she will write a hit song about it) to sweep Swift off her feet!

Listen to Taylor Swift Address Rumors on Ryan Seacrest