According to an interview with E! News, Jenny McCarthy is playing matchmaker this upcoming New Year’s Eve. Who would be her first match of 2015, you ask? Ryan Seacrest and Taylor Swift, naturally.

Considering Ryan helped Jenny eventually get together with her now-husband, Donnie Wahlberg, she totally wants to pay back the favor. Trying to match Ryan’s first kiss of 2014 with someone of equal superstar appeal — he locked lips with Miley Cyrus last year — Jenny suggests that Taylor, who will be headlining 'New Year's Rockin Eve,' would be the perfect person for Ryan's midnight kiss, saying, “Now I have to do that, I promise you. I think Taylor Swift would be perfect.”

Jenny cited the Miley kiss as inspiration for her choice this year, saying, “Miley kissed you last year and they missed it on camera.” To which Ryan replied, “Oh they did? She did? That happened? It was the first kiss I had in 2015, I guess. Or 2014.”

Jenny goes on to press Ryan, saying, “She’s your type though, right?” While Ryan shrugs it off, “I don’t think that will be the story, but thank you.” He didn’t shoot down the idea, and Taylor is by all reports single, so who knows!

What do you guys think? Is this a pairing you want to see happen? Let us know!

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