Taylor Swift is back with even more outtakes from her 'Shake It Off' video -- and the singer is wearing what she calls "the sparkliest combination of things I've ever worn."

In this sequence, Taylor describes how she was required to rock out while the dancers behind her performed choreographed moves.

"It was really funny having this spastic motion in the front, and they're just, like, very controlled," she explains.

Like the rest of the dance scenes in the video, Taylor served as a contrast to each genre's specific style, bringing confidence to her awkwardness.

"I had so much fun with it because dancers are such passionate people about what they do and they're so proud to be in a music video, representing their style of dance," she says. "And I'm so proud to awkwardly ruin it with my dancing."

We found ourselves cracking up as we watched Taylor and utterly amazed as we watched the professional dancers. (Seriously. Those moves.)

Check it all out in the video above!

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