Most people dress up as ghouls and ghosts for Halloween, but Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan decided to dress up as our reigning Queen of Pop: the one and only Taylor Swift.

In a hilarious spoof of Taylor's video for 'Shake It Off,' Kelly and Michael dress up as the different versions of Taylor that appear throughout the music video. Kelly is clearly a Swiftie in her own right, as she does a seriously impressive job of nailing all of Taylor's parts. But the hilarity doesn't stop there: Kelly and Michael take things up a notch by dressing as a variety of different television and movie characters, too. From Orange is the New Black to Mad Men and Downtown Abbey, the video is full of awesome surprises.

Complete with a number of celebrity cameos (Kerry Washington, Emma Stone, Sofia Vergara -- just to name a few!) the video is almost as much fun as the original. Our favorite part? Taylor herself makes an appearance at the very end, proving to us yet again that no one does award dancing better than her. We love it!

Check out the parody video above and let us know which part was your favorite!