Is Taylor Swift a little too squeaky clean for your tastes? Not to worry: Punk rock group The Screaming Females have just happily lobbed a few dirt clods in her direction.

The three-piece group, which Stereogum has heralded as "one of the best rock groups on the face of the earth today," took on "Shake it Off" in the the latest installment of the A.V. Club's "Undercover" series, and the result is a T. Swift-themed garage band session in the best, most complimentary way. With a bigger audience, crowd-surfing would have most definitely been a given.

"We just, do it?" singer Marissa Paternoster asks before getting a thumbs-up from production in the clip, and once she does, the band takes off, barely concealing its landing gear in the process. By the time Taylor's "Got nothin' in my brain" lyric hits the mic, it's abundantly clear this is not 1989 as we know it.

Through heavy bass and installments of Pasternoster's signature warbling, the earworm cultivates a second identity entirely. A small crowd cheers once the speakers go silent, but the singer remains unsure the set really did the trick.

"How was it? Was it okay?" singer Marissa Paternoster asks to resounding affirmations once the mission has been accomplished. "You're not like, lying or anything?" There isn't a finger crossed in sight...

If you liked what you heard, be sure to snag a copy of the group's latest Rose Mountain album or catch one of their many shows.