In news that should come as something of an early Christmas gift for certain hysterical One Direction fans, Hollywood Life is reporting that distinctively coiffed heartthrob Harry Styles may be looking to put the brakes on with his ever-present paramour Taylor Swift.

The site quotes an unnamed source (of course) as telling the New York Daily News, "In the beginning, Harry loved all the attention, but now he’s wondering what he got himself into." This is admittedly headline-baiting gossip clinging to the bare minimum of newsworthiness by the thinnest of gossamer threads, but this is the holiday season, and since we know how many of you have been dreaming of a single Harry Styles for Christmas, we figured sharing it would be the least we could do.

In any event, whether or not Harry is really ready to inspire Taylor's next chart-topping kiss-off anthem, the platinum duo still gives the appearance of being a couple in the throes of blissful young love -- which is pretty much what you'd expect, given that they only took their relationship public a few weeks ago. In other words, we'd take this news with a heavy grain of salt -- but if you've been planning on spending Christmas Eve nestled all snug in your bed with visions of Harry dancing in your head, maybe this will make your holidays extra festive.

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