Taylor Swift still has a thing for vampires. Well, at least she once had a thing for a dude who starred in a vampire movie, since she dated the uber buff Taylor Lautner of 'Twilight' fame. And while Lautner's Jacob is a wolf and therefore an enemy of the vampire according to 'Twilight' lore, Swift is continuing her association with bloodsuckers this Sunday, as her song 'Haunted' will be used in that evening's episode of the HBO vampire series 'True Blood.'

Rolling Stone reports that the series music supervisor Gary Calamar confirmed that the song will be used, yet he refused to expound upon which particular scene the song would be used in. But he did say that the song would be featured in a "racy, sexy scene." No spoiler alerts here.

The writer of this particular episode actually came up with the idea to use 'Haunted.' While Swift's people initially rejected the show's request to feature the song, Swift herself overrode their decision and wanted it to be used. And so it's being used. The lady gets what the lady wants and she is the ultimate boss of  Taylor Swift, Inc.

Maybe the decision to allow the song to be used was her subtle way of sending a message to Lautner that she was siding with the vampires? It's certainly enough of an idea to get Twihards talking.