Taylor Swift won the 2013 Songwriter/Artist of the Year Award from the Nashville Songwriters Association International. She sparkled and shone in a short ensemble, which she wore when she attended the ceremony and pocketed her trophy this weekend (Oct. 13).

It was the sixth time Swift has won the award – that's more than any other artist. The 'I Knew You Were Trouble' singer wore a gorgeous silvery mini by Houghton to the event, which she paired with Louboutin heels. She only showed skin with her bare arms and legs, and with the cutout on the side, so the dress was subtle in its sexiness.

Since Swift was picking up a prestigious award, she reminded us of just how classy she is by how she presented herself, from a fashion standpoint.

We're so glad she's ditched some of her more dowdy ensembles in favor of gems like this! She was perfectly retro at a film premiere recently. Here, she was goddess-like and glam, thanks to her shorter, wavier hair, her smoky eye makeup and pink-slicked lips.