The always electric Taylor Swift debuted her new video for 'Sparks Fly' on her website yesterday (Aug. 10) and it's live footage cobbled together from her current, mega-selling 'Speak Now ' tour. The images are familiar, if you've been following the happenings on the tour, such as Swift's propensity to cover local acts when she performs in their city. She's always got her hair in a ponytail and wears a summery lavender frock while doing so. We see a few shots of her in "cover song mode" in this clip.

She also prances around, performing live in front of thousands of screaming fans who hang on to (and sing along with) her every word. Their eyes are fixed on the singer's every move, since she's drop-dead gorgeous.

The video is vivid and cuts close to Swift, so much so that we can see the glitter in her sparkly green nail polish. The 'Sparks Fly' video puts you front (row) and center at a Swift show, even if you've never witnessed one of her concerts. You can live vicariously through the video, which employs absolutely no behind-the-scenes or backstage footage. It's all Taylor and it's all performance, for all four-plus minutes.

We see Swift with her banjo, in the aforementioned purple "cover song dress," in her white frock and her shimmying, fringed flapper frock. Those Sharpie scrawled lyrics are also on her arm. We get a glimpse of her in the rain and in a red sheath that matches her signature lip color. Sure, she changes costumes a lot, but she's nowhere near on the level of Lady Gaga with attire swaps.

The sparks most definitely fly at Swift shows, thanks to her on stage energy and the electrical currents at the concerts that are a result of her connection with her fans. You can enjoy this tour montage over and over and feel like you took in a Swift's performance at your local arena.

Watch Taylor Swift 'Sparks Fly' Video