Taylor Swift is the world's best alarm clock, since she has been waking us up with song previews for the past few weeks.

The singer previewed another track from her upcoming album 'Red' on 'Good Morning America' this morning (Oct.15). OMG, 'Red' is really only seven days from landing? We can't even handle it. We're stoked.

Nevertheless, the lovely and talented Swift served us a wake up cup of 'Red' in the form of 30 seconds of 'State of Grace,' which she described as having a big sound that reminds you of falling in love. Well, if anyone can capture that feeling and distill it into a song, it's our girl T. Swizzle.

Swift, who will perform on 'GMA' next Monday (Oct. 22) and Tuesday (Oct. 23), gave us an idea of what inspired 'State of Grace,' and we're not shocked that love had something to do with it. That's her turf, and she mines it well.

"I wrote this song about when you first fall in love with someone, the possibilities and, you know, kind of thinking about the different ways that it could go," she said.

Swift is a big thinker, and she can't just enjoy falling in love without wondering where the relationship will go and how many children it will yield. She is a self-admitted worrier, but here, she is thinking about the future in the right way! Too cute.

She spoke about the sonics, saying, "It's a really big sound, to me, this sounds like the feeling of falling in love in an epic way."

We agree. From the 30 seconds we heard, it's a different sound for her, with full and expansive layers, and it's not country'ish at all.

As for the lyrics? Here's a romantic sample: "And I never saw you coming / And I'll never be the same." Oh, Taylor, we fall in love with you with every 'Red' snippet you share.