What a treat for Kansas City-based Taylor Swift fans. The crowd pleasing singer performed 'Superman,' a rare track from the deluxe version of her massively popular  'Speak Now' album, for the KC crowd on Saturday, Sept. 24. It was the first time the singer has ever played the song live, so it was an extra special occasion and moment that fans won't forget, since Swift shared the tune with them first.

Lately, the generous Swift has been performing other songs from the deluxe edition in different cities. She debuted 'Ours' in Denver the other night, as well. Swift is constantly thinking of ways to give her fans something new and to make each show customized and a different experience from the night or the show before.

According to RTT News, Swift addressed the crowd before launching into the song, saying, "This is the part of the show where I have an acoustic guitar, and I can kinda do whatever I want with it. I kind of want to play a song for you that I've never played before, if that's OK?"

As if anyone would deny Taylor Swift of her desires or wishes!

Swift is famous for improvising and going off script during her shows and it often yields impressive, once-in-a-lifetime results, such as this first-ever performance of 'Superman.'

Watch Taylor Swift Perform 'Superman' for the First Time