Taylor Swift is known for her expression of shock and awe when she wins an award. Even as she continues to pile up VMAs, Grammys, ACMs, CMAs and AMAs, each time her name is called, she slaps her hands to her cheeks a la Macaulay Culkin in 'Home Alone,' her draw drops and she gushes at the podium, seemingly unable to compose herself and offer a coherent thought other than to spill that this is the greatest thing that has ever happened to her. Her reaction is more talked about than the actual award she wins!

We pointed out that she is always so surprised to hear name when she notches a big win, which is a pretty regular occurrence in her life. At Sunday's American Music Awards (Nov. 20), Swift swept the categories in which she was nominated (Favorite Female Country Artist, Favorite Country Album and Artist of the Year) and each time she made her way to the stage, she acted totally and completely in shocked, like she didn't believe it was happening to her. But it's not her first, second, third or even 50th time at the rodeo.

The Hollywood Reporter
assembled a list of critics who have grown tired of Swift's shock show. Take Celebuzz, which pointed out that Swift has been nominated 140 times and collected 90 wins. This should be old hat by now!

The Huffington Post was kinder in its critique, saying, labeling her reactions "pretty endearing -- the girl is certainly not jaded -- and fun to watch."

Swift retains that small-town-girl-done-good vibe when she collects her awards. It doesn't seem fake to us. And at least she's not bored or cynical, right? What's wrong with a little surprise and excitement?