Taylor Swift premiered the video for her new single 'The Story of Us' tonight on MTV, and then admitted to being transfixed herself while watching it on television along with millions of her fans across the country.

When the eternally young MTV host Sway asked Taylor why she couldn't stop staring as the clip played, she admitted, "'Cause it's on TV!" without a hint of artifice. The video features Swift in a school library setting, working very hard to ignore an ex-boyfriend she still likes but is angry with for kissing another girl.

Scene transition title cards, rich wooden walls and dusty old books create a vivid setting for Swift as she sings and dances out her angst. As we found out right after the premiere, Taylor's bandmates, back-up singers and dancers play a majority of the roles in the video.

Ultimately, Swift decides to be brave and make the first awkward move towards a reconciliation, but neither her nor her bespectacled love interest seem capable of making the second gesture, and alas, the romantic connection is not re-established as the story ends.

Watch the Taylor Swift 'The Story of Us' Video