We seriously can't get enough of Taylor Swift this week -- okay, let's be real, we can't get enough of her ever. Tonight's episode of 'The Voice' marked the second night in a row where Taylor guest-starred as a mentor to the contestants, and to be honest, we're kiiiiind of hoping they add a fifth judge's chair next season just for Taylor. How awesome would that be!?

Looking super cute -- not to mention super tall! -- in her all-black ensemble, Taylor continued advising contestants and helping them improve their performances in ways only she could.

From advice like: "You should feel like you’re carrying around a duffel bag with a heat seeking missile in it, like you’re going to hit the target" to: "Think of your eyes as if they have laser beams in them. Use bold, hurt, dejected looks, and use that as a sniper shot," Taylor leaned heavily on the artillery metaphors tonight, but in context everything she said made perfect sense -- seriously. Taylor's advice improved each of the contestant's performances so much that we're definitely not envious of the judges who had to choose who would move on to the live rounds!

In a decision that shocked fellow judges Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine, Pharrell picked Elyjuh Rene over Ricky Manning, despite Ricky's intense performance of Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball.' His performance was so emotive and emotional that he seemed like the obvious choice. So when Pharrell chose to bring Elyjuh to the live shows, everyone was surprised. Gwen saved the day by using her last steal to secure Ricky as her final team member, and we're totally excited to see Ricky get a second chance!

Check out his amazing performance of 'Wrecking Ball' below!

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