Fresh off of a victorious CMA stint, Taylor Swift has even more good things coming her way -- another slew of Billboard hits. The country-pop superstar is slated to have at least two new singles debut on the Hot 100 chart this week.

Swift's singles, previously only available on the Target release of the deluxe edition of 'Speak Now,' were made digitally available on Nov. 8. T-Swizzle performed one of the anticipated hits, 'Ours,' at the CMAs last week. 'Ours' is expected to sell close to 130,000 downloads this week -- just behind 'If This Was a Movie' with 150,000. Another new track, 'Superman,' already sold 75,000 downloads.

The other newly-released bonus tracks are alternate versions of fan favorites 'Haunted,' 'Back to December' and 'Mine' from the album, which originally debuted Oct. 25, 2010.

While this is a pretty remarkable feat in and of itself, Billboard is basing their projections on download sales alone. Their website reported, "Even if we don't count whatever airplay and streaming data 'Movie' and 'Ours' will garner, their sales alone could engineer top 15 debuts on the Hot 100. (The chart blends sales, airplay and streaming data to rank the 100 most popular songs of the week.)"

All this and the world's cutest kitten too? It's good to be Taylor Swift!