Track 11 #1989lyrics

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With just about a week left before '1989' is released on Oct. 27, Taylor Swift continues to give her fans a little day by day taste of what's to come from her highly anticipated album.

Over the past several days, Swift has been posting a few lyrics from each track on her Instagram accounting, beginning with Track 1 (which was revealed to be 'Welcome to New York' today) and then continuing on to Track 5.

Yesterday, Swift seemed to break the order and posted lyrics to Track 11 (above) and then jumped back to Track 7 (below). We're not sure why Swift didn't go in order these past few days, but it only goes to show that you can never guess what she has up her sleeves!

Track 7 #1989lyrics

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For her Track 11 teaser, her photo is taken from an airplane window with a note saying, "When you're young / You just run / But you come back to what you need..."

In her Track 7 preview posted today, she takes a photo inside an elevator with the words "You always knew how to push my buttons / You give me everything and nothing" scribbled on a heart-shaped notebook paper cutout.

With only a week left, we continue to eagerly await to hear the entire album!

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