In keeping up with the spirit of the song, Taylor Swift continues to share more outtakes from the 'Shake it Off' music video with a new behind-the-scenes look at the twerkers and some awesome finger tutting.

"It's day three. I"m pretty much wearing what I wear every other day so it's like a normal scene for me," Swift dryly says into the camera while wearing a leopard skin jacket and giant gold earrings.

"We're about to go do the twerking," she then admits says with a smile.

We then get a behind-the-scenes look at Swift working with her dancers and the director on ideas for the twerking scene. Swift and the dancers appear to be having some fun doing some gyrating dance moves while moving their behinds.

"I definitely didn't think she could twerk," says one dancer. "But she can twerk!"

Next, we learn about the finger tutting scene, which has become a viral art on its own as demonstrated by several YouTube videos. Finger tutting is the act of synchronized, mirrored finger dancing using only one's hands and fingers.

Swift tries to demonstrate the art but her demonstration comes up, well, a little short. Lucky for her, though, she enlists the help of a professional who wows us in the video and in the spirit of the song, Swift does her own version of finger tutting without giving much care to being exact, and chooses to simply have fun with it.

Watch Taylor Swift break down the twerking and finger tutting scenes in the video above.

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