Taylor Swift gets festive on not one, but two ELLE Canada covers for December. When you are statuesque and gorgeous, like Swift is, the more the merrier, especially on a mag cover during the holiday season.

The singer is wrapped in silver and gold column gowns that hug every one of her enviable curves on the covers, which were shared by a fan site. One cover is busy and slapped with text, while the other, featuring a side pose, is all about Taylor and her bangin' bod. Oh, and the scrawled phrase "What else is there other than love?" Doesn't she know it! It doesn't get anymore Taylor Swiftian than that.

She is dressed an array of party dresses in the spread, ranging from a micro mini – which reminds us of her 2010 AMAs dress  -- as well as a gorgeous, full-skirt, tulle ball gown with a midnight blue ovelap. It's another one of her most stunning ensembles. We so prefer when she ditches those ugly brown Oxfords – which are fine if you are a 12-year-old British boy as opposed to a best-selling artist -- and glams it up like this.

Notice the quote accompanying the princess-like photo? "All's fair in love and songwriting." That is T. Swizzle's mantra, moral code, guiding principle and way of being when it comes to her heart and her guitar! We don't think her ex John Mayer would agree, since he did refer to her songwriting as "cheap" when he believed it referred to him.

T. Swizz is racking up cover after cover in the past few weeks. Check out her Cosmo cover here, her Rolling Stone cover here and her Delta Sky cover here.

ELLE Canada
ELLE Canada

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