Democrats and Republicans may have entirely opposite core beliefs, but it looks like there is one person capable of uniting the two very divided groups: Taylor Swift.

A recent Facebook study -- released just in time for the upcoming Election Day -- took both Democrat and Republican supporters' 'likes' into account in order to find both similarities and differences in the respective parties' opinions. Surprisingly, it looks like Democrats and Republicans have pretty similar tastes in television shows. Both groups seemed to watch 'The Walking Dead,' 'The Voice' and 'House' fairly equally.

So where did the opinions differ? Music. It looks like Democrats tend to prefer The Beatles whereas Republicans listen more to George Strait. Unsurprisingly, Taylor Swift measured smack dab in the middle, proving one thing we come to realize more and more each day: absolutely no one can resist her charm. It's especially interesting, because while the Republicans listened to nearly only country artists, and the Democrats listened to more pop and rock musicians, it seems Taylor's brand of crossover country-pop (we know she's all pop all the time now, but work with us here!) is the perfect bipartisan.

The real question here is: What can't Taylor Swift do!? Today she's uniting America. Tomorrow? Uniting the world, probably.

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