Taylor Swift has people tugging at her apron strings for all sorts of reasons, ranging from fans wanting a piece of her, magazines dying to feature her, radio stations waiting to talk to her and dudes hoping to date and then break up with her. Still, she carves time out of her Herculean schedule for sick fans who make requests to meet her.

Last year, a cancer-stricken teen from New Jersey invited her to prom -- she declined due to a schedule conflict, but invited him to be her date to an awards show. Now, the kind-hearted singer has made a sick little girl named Lauren Hacker, who resides in Nebraska, very, very happy.

Swift paid a visit to Omaha's Children's Hospital and Medical Center on Saturday, March 9. Little Lauren, 10, is in fifth grade and has cancer. She suffers from acute myelogenous leukemia. A YouTube was video created to catch Swift's attention about Lauren's desire to meet her and it did just that.

Her father posted an update (quotes via Ace Showbiz) about the visit, saying, "Taylor Swift stopped by Lauren's room at the hospital around 1PM in the afternoon. She spent about an hour chatting with Lauren... [who] played a song on the electronic piano key board that she got for her birthday." So it was a musical moment for the two ladies!

T. Swizzle talked to Lauren about her start in show biz and even shared some details about her stage set up for the Red Tour, which launches Wednesday, March 13 in Omaha. She also gave the little girl a bag of goodies, including autographs, photos and a guitar pick, that she will no doubt treasure.

How sweet! We wish Lauren the best as she battles her disease. The smile on her face in the photo below makes our hearts smile just as big. She looks so happy to be spending time with Swift.


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