Taylor Swift's angelic speaking voice is featured in the upcoming Dr. Seuss flick 'The Lorax,' and the official trailer for the animated movie has hit the Web! Swift portrays the character of Audrey, and just like the songstress herself, the young girl in the film is sweet, pretty and a boy magnet.

Zac Efron voices the character/protagonist Ted, who has his eyes set on Swift's character Audrey. In the trailer, Swift's voice is one the first to be heard. Her character Audrey says, "What I want more than anything is to see a living tree." In case you aren't familiar with the storyline of 'The Lorax,' it is about a mystical creature of the same name -- voiced by Danny Devito -- who is trying to save the forest from destruction.

Over the Polyphonic Spree's feel-good song 'Light and Day/Reach for the Sun,' the animated characters from the 3D film are seen traveling through their colorful wonderland and trying to save the environment and its animal inhabitants from the exploits of industry.

Other celebrities whose voices can be heard in the movie include Ed Helms and Betty White. Even though a lot of the movie isn't that similar to the 1971 book, we want to know: Will you be buying a ticket to see 'The Lorax'? The movie is expected to hit theaters on March 2, 2012.

Watch 'The Lorax' Movie Trailer