We love, love, love when celebs show off their great sense of humor! Two pranksters who keep us in stitches are Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. Taylor has been known to stir up a little trouble while on tour, while Bruno recently taped a joke for 'The Ellen DeGeneres' show. Which celeb would you rather pull a prank on you?

Taylor has been the victim of countless pranks, courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres, but she dishes it as well as she takes it. Case in point: when the singer was on tour with Keith Urban, she and her band stage-crashed him -- dressed as members of KISS! Taylor taps into our emotions with her music, but she also knows how to bring the LOLZ.

Bruno teamed up with Ellen for his recent prank on an unsuspecting nurse. Backstage at Ellen's show, the singer pretended to be plagued with a throat injury. Within Ellen goading Bruno via an earpiece, he gargled and cried his way through the prank. Watching the nurse try to keep a straight face is priceless!

Who would you rather be pranked by? Vote in the poll below!