If there's one thing cuter than pop stars, it's their mini-mes! Taylor Swift instantly melted our hearts with her 'Everything Has Changed' music video, which featured pint-sized doppelgängers of herself and Ed Sheeran. As if that wasn't adorable enough, Cody Simpson just dropped his video for 'Love,' which also includes a younger version of the singer! Which singer has the cutest mini-me?

One of Taylor's most recognizable features is her long, curly blonde hair. Naturally, her mini-me has the same pretty locks. Taylor's look-alike also radiates the same sweet, girly persona as the singer herself!

Cody's doppelgänger shares his bleach-blonde hair and easy-going demeanor. The old-school vibe of the video -- and the scenes with Cody's mini-me -- totally reflect the singer's charming personality!

Ed Sheeran is no stranger to using doppelgängers in music videos! (Rupert Grint, his look-alike in the 'Lego House' video, looked exactly like the singer.) His mini-me in 'Everything Has Changed' has Ed's shaggy red hair and sweet disposition.

Whose mini-me makes your heart melt? Vote in the poll and check out pics below!

Taylor Swift


Cody Simpson


Ed Sheeran