As much as we adore Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato for their undeniably catchy music, we also love how much they interact with their fans. Case in point? The singers each boast millions upon millions of Twitter followers! While both ladies post hilarious photos and sweet comments, whose Twitter is more fun to follow?

Taylor Swift is known for connecting with her fans, and her social media is no exception. From tweeting at the cities she visits to sharing charmingly self-deprecating anecdotes about her life (remember when she admitted to having chocolate cake all over her face for four hours?), Taylor is an open book. Of course, her Twitter feed is also filled with cute cameos from her cat, Meredith, like the tweet below:

Demi Lovato also get personal on Twitter, offering support to her extensive fan base. The superstar has openly discussed her battle with eating disorders and encourages her followers to live a healthy lifestyle. Demi also shows off her great sense of humor, especially when it comes to her fellow judges on 'The X Factor.' If anyone can go head-to-head with Simon Cowell, it's this girl:

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