One of our favorite tracks on Taylor Swift's '1989' is the album closer 'Clean.' And with all of the references to water and rain, we couldn't help but be reminded of Hilary Duff's 2003 hit 'Come Clean.' Whose song do you like better?

Taylor Swift exclusively revealed to PopCrush that 'Clean' was the song on '1989' that she was most proud of, explaining that the Imogen Heap-assisted track was one that she "wrote about sort of coming out of a relationship, or trying to move on from some struggle that you had in your life, and feeling kind of tarnished by it. And it kind of talks about how if you really allow yourself to feel pain, I think maybe it’s easier to get past it." T. Swift's 'Clean' definitely has a haunting quality to it, emanating that feeling of a slow awakening, remembering what it's like to once again be whole.

Hilary Duff's 'Come Clean' was so much more than just the 'Laguna Beach' theme song -- it was one of our all-time favorite early 2000s jams and one of the singer's biggest hits. As soon as Duff belts out the opening lines of the chorus ("Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams / Let it wash away my sanity") you just can't help but party. While Taylor Swift's 'Clean' is about moving on after a relationship, Hilary Duff has explained that 'Come Clean' details both people in a relationship "laying all the cards out on the table" and just being open and honest with each other, whatever that may result in.

Which 'Clean' song is your favorite? Vote for Taylor Swift or Hilary Duff in the poll below!

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