Deciding on a prom queen can be a tough task, especially when all of the candidates are worthy of the title. You know what's even tougher, though? Voting on who you want to win the crown when it's Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus who are pitted against each other for queen of the dance, just like in this round of PopCrush's Prom King and Queen competition!

Taylor Swift, 23, is already royalty in the world of pop music, with her sold-out tours, chart-topping songs, laundry list of awards, adoring fans, incredible beauty inside and out, and ability to write a breakup song better than anybody around. If she were in high school right now, she might not have the "serial dater" reputation she has as a famous songstress, but nice girl Swift would instead be the envy of lots of girls, since all the cutest boys would be chasing after her. We have a hunch Swift would've also won tons of superlatives in the yearbook... probably one for "Classiest Act."

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus has been a queen in the eyes of many since her 'Hannah Montana' days, although she's come a long way since donning that long blond wig for Disney. The 'Ashtrays and Heartbreaks' songstress has since reinvented her image, from her musical sound and more risque lyrics to her outer appearance. She's become sort of a trend-setting sex symbol, showing off her amazing bod in skin-baring outfits, and chopping off all of her hair into a bleach blond faux hawk style. Cyrus probably would've been super popular in high school too, thanks to her big personality, awesome sense of humor, caring nature, killer twerk moves and overall energetic presence.

So, which lady of pop has your vote for PopCrush's Prom Queen of 2013? Whoever wins this match will progress to Round 2, and so on until we finally have a big winner. This particular poll (Taylor vs. Miley) closes on Saturday, May 4, at 11:59 PM ET, and you can vote once per hour until then.