When it comes to giving during the Christmas season, Secret Santa is a creative way to treat the ones we love. Trying to find a unique gift for that special someone -- and waiting to surprise them -- always gets us in the holiday spirit.

Of course, it would be amazing to have our favorite singers join in the fun. Would you rather have Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus as your Secret Santa?

From jam to birthday donations, Taylor Swift is one generous superstar! We know she loves to cook, so we're crossing our fingers that she'd gift some sugary treats. Of course, Swiftie is also very creative, so we're willing to bet she'd come up with a customized present. Taylor, we'd settle for a dance party with you and your new BFF, Lorde.

Miley Cyrus is always changing things up, so there's no doubt that her Secret Santa gift would be like no other. Miles constantly pushes the fashion envelope, so expect anything from a onesie to a foam finger. The singer is also an avid animal lover, so don't be surprised if you find a four-legged furry friend waiting for you.

Which celeb would you want to be your Secret Santa? Vote for your favorite star in the poll below!