While fans mainly go for the live music and overall experience, big productions like that of Taylor Swift's Red tour, Pink's Truth About Love tour, Rihanna's Diamonds tour, and Beyonce's Mrs. Carter tour also have some sizzling sights to behold. For instance, these ladies all wear a variety of insanely ornate getups while belting out their hits on stage -- here, we've selected one of our favorite costumes from each of the aforementioned divas, and we want to know whose tour ensemble you are digging the most.

There are bigger photos for viewing below, and as you can see, Taylor Swift is taking a cue from Stevie Nicks, rocking some serious leather and lace on her Red tour. This getup is one of her sexier looks that she sports on stage, showing off her gams in those high-cut, high-waisted shorts and knee-high boots. The look is very lingerie-esque, something we aren't used to seeing on Swift, but she totally works it.

Next up is Pink, who is like a punk beauty queen meets circus performer on her Truth About Love Tour. We've selected one of our favorite costumes from her most recent string of concerts, which includes a purple and nude bodysuit with leather and jewel embellishments around her lady parts. The acrobatic songstress tops off the racy bodysuit with a pair of boots, showing off her legs and awesome tats, as well as a black blazer, adding a chic quality to this rock star ensemble.

Then there's Rihanna, who has been loving black and gold while entertaining her fans on her Diamonds tour. One of our favorite looks from RiRi's stage show are these lace-up leather boots, baroque-inspired hot pants, bra top, and sheer black tunic that really polishes off this performance outfit nicely. Rihanna sure is shining bright, even though she's dressed basically all in black.

Finally, we've got Beyonce, who thank the Lord is posting pictures from her Mrs. Carter world tour on her own website (since the singer infamously banned all professional photographers from her performances). In this particular costume (she wears many), we find Queen Bey rocking a glamorous and gorgeous white bodysuit. The inlay of the fabric is slightly sheer, but is Bey totally covered in the necessary spots, and all of the sequins, pearls and jewels really make this look a winner. And we want those gold booties... although they'd probably cost us a year's worth of pay.

So, whose tour costume do you like best? Vote Tay, Pink, RiRi or Bey below!

Larry Busacca, Getty Images
Kevin Mazur, WireImage
Mike Lawrie, Getty Images