Short hair, don't care! Our favorite celebs have been chopping off their locks left and right recently, and we are loving the trend. Taylor Swift and Rita Ora are the newest pop stars to make the cut, and each brings her own unique style to her blonde bob. Whose cut do you like better? 

Taylor's cut is longer, just barely reaching her shoulders. Instead of the long, blunt bangs we associate with the 'Red' era, her fringe is now more sideswept, but her warm, honey blonde hue that we all know and love has stayed the same. The short cut makes Taylor's hair appear thick, voluminous and healthy, and it must feel like a huge weight off her shoulders -- literally.

Rita Ora just debuted her new, short style, preferring to chop off her long, flowing locks into an edgier, asymmetrical cut that looks incredible on her. The choppy bob appears to have been done with a razor, which makes her hair look more piecey and texturized. We think that the hot new cut perfectly matches the singer's bold personality.

Whose blonde bob do you like best? Vote in the poll below!