BFFs Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez look positively smashing on their most recent ELLE covers, with the '22' singer landing the front page for March 2013, and the Scene leader posing for July 2012's issue. The stylists and photographers at ELLE took very different approaches while shooting the blondie and the brunette, and we want to know which cover and accompanying photo spread you like best: Taylor or Selena?

On ELLE's March 2013 cover, Taylor Swift was looking very '60s in her yellow and nude, mod-style dress as well as pin-straight hair and eyebrow-skimming fringe. Her smoky eye makeup, baby blues and golden locks also play off of the entire color scheme fabulously.

Standing with her hands on her hips must be one of Swift's favorite poses, since she rocked that position on the cover and several times in her accompanying photo spread. She commands the camera in a variety of looks, all of which reflect different aspects of her personality. First, we've got the wilder, more daring version of Swift in crazy prints and a 3-D bubblegum pink top, then the sweeter side of Swift in delicate rosy flowers and petal pink shorts. Finally, there's boho chic Swift, who looks like a modern-day folk superstar in her wide hat, luxurious top and skinny black pants.

Selena Gomez, on the other hand, stuck to one formula for her cover and her additional series of ELLE photos. On the front page of the July 2012 issue, she's pictured shoreside wearing minimal makeup, save for her standout crimson lips, and an opulent gown of sheer black fabric and gold embellishments. She looks slightly vulnerable, but in that very supermodel way, proving that you don't need to be six feet tall to work it like a pro.

Within the pages of the actual magazine, Gomez looks like a beach goddess turned fashionista, showing off her amazing figure and pouty red lips in a variety of outfits. First, she flashed some cleavage in a super sexy dress with a plunging neckline. Next, we see her exposed, toned midriff and trim legs in a bright tube top, skin-tight striped pants, and colorful heels. Finally, there's Gomez giving a come hither stare, hair flying free, in an absolutely amazing and very ornate baroque-style tunic.

So, who do you think looks best? Take a good look at all of the photos and vote Taylor or Selena for your favorite ELLE cover girl!

ELLE (3)
ELLE (3)

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