Taylor Swift released her much awaited '22' video last week, and the carefree, feel-good clip of Tay enjoying a day out with her best girlfriends is a real pleasure. While this concept has been used many times in the past, we couldn't help but think of Taylor's BFF Selena Gomez, who might've been absent from the '22' video, but gets her fill of fun with chums in her 'Hit the Lights' video from late 2011.

These sugary sweet pop clips have a lot in common. While Swift and her crew of real-life friends hit the beach, Selena and her posse hit up a huge field of bright greens. Both of the ladies look boho chic and ultra trendy while laughing it up on their outdoor adventures, but out of these two music videos, which do you like best? Taylor Swift's '22,' or Selena Gomez's 'Hit the Lights'?

There's so many correlations in these two clips that we don't even know where to start. Swift and Gomez both start out singing in front of solid backgrounds, but while Taylor opts for an off-white, Selena brings a pop of color with her chartreuse backdrop. And while Swift and her girlies get sandy on the Malibu beaches and jump atop trampolines, Gomez and her troupe of BFF acrobats do back flips and high jumps as they race through a maze of corn fields.

Later on, in both clips, Swift gets her cheerleader on and stomps a papier-mâché heart on the ground, as Gomez dances around a room filled with massive pink balloons. Then, the celeb BFFs head to their own respective parties, with Swift donning cat ears at an awesome house party while Gomez gets her groove on at a remote, rave-esque party complete with strobe lights and an illuminated dance floor.

Overall, both of these videos are a delight in their own aesthetically pleasing ways, and we love the costume changes as well. But whose video gets your pick for the "best"? Vote for Taylor Swift's '22' or Selena Gomez's 'Hit the Lights' below!

Watch the Taylor Swift '22' Video

Watch the Selena Gomez 'Hit the Lights' Video