Taylor Swift had herself a Marilyn Monroe 'Seven Year Itch' moment in St. Louis on Saturday, Aug. 13. E! reports that the stunning singer's dress blew up while she was performing her massive hit 'You Belong With Me.'

Thanks to wind machine on stage, the bottom of her frock rose and revealed her undergarments for a hot second. Swift was hardly fazed by the incident and continued singing and performing as if not thing happened ...

… Because you know what? Nothing abnormal happened. It was a minor wardrobe malfunction and an unintentional one at that. This type of thing happens all the time with pop stars. Lady Gaga takes headers with her massive platform shoes or Kelly Rowland deals with her shirt popping up while she's dancing. It's an occupational hazard, if you will.

If Swift were to get red-faced over the incident or if the press starts making a big deal out of it, we have a little piece of advice for Ms. Swift. When Marilyn Monroe's white frock blew up over the subway grate in 'Seven Year Itch,' it went on to become one of the most beloved and iconic images in pop culture. People have the shot framed and hanging in their living rooms. If anything, Taylor Swift is in good company for having a "my skirt just blew up"moment. Ain't no thing, girl!

It's also another reminder that despite her fame, her beauty and her talent, that Taylor Swift is not to far removed from her fans. Stuff like this happens to all of us every now and again.

Watch Taylor Swift Brush Off Wardrobe Malfunction Onstage in St. Louis