Taylor Swift is grooming herself to be a full-fledged pop star, and it was evident in her performance of 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' on 'X Factor U.K.'

Bursting out from a hot pink guitar and an electric blue silhouette, Swift sported a sparkly purple sweater and her new signature, high-waisted black shorts and a matching fedora, for her performance. She flung off her hat in the first chorus, exposing her blond bangs and a slight wave to her hair. She brought back her choreography, which is still slightly awkward to watch, though when she's flanked by her dancers, Swift seems more comfortable. And if you keep an eye out, you'll see that her band are in their fuzzy costumes!

The performance is similar to the ones she delivered in the iHeart Radio Festival and MTV Video Music Awards. She's making her rounds to promote 'Red,' out on Oct. 22, so we don't blame her for keeping things consistent -- she has a lot on her mind!

OF course, Swift rocked a red mic, because her 'Red' promo is neverending (unlike the relationship she sings about in this song). We should note that Swift's vocals in this performance are stronger than we've heard them before. It may appear that Swift is lip syncing in the video, but based on the audio, we don't think it's the case -- it just seems to be an issue with this particular video clip. We don't think she would do that!