Taylor Swift is the latest target of ultra conservative religious organization the Westboro Baptist Church.

The group, based in Topeka, Kan. and known as, pardon our language, the 'God Hates F--s' people, has confirmed that it will protest the singer's Aug. 3 concert in Kansas City, Mo.

For a group that claims to be one of faith, they sure embrace a core value of hate. The group views Swift as a wolf in sheep's clothing, suggesting that she is pretending to be America's sweetheart, all the while being a fornicator who hops from bed to bed.

See, even a bunch of fundies takes issue with Swift's revolving door romances. The girl cannot catch a break.

WBC even resorted to calling her "Tay-w----." That's not very nice.

The group also reignited the tweet heat between Swift and Miley Cyrus with the post below. They give Cyrus a pass because she isn't pretending to be all wholesome and innocent, all the while raking Swift over the coals for her clean cut image. That's some interesting logic right there. We won't even begin to slide down that slippery slope.

WBC's Ben Phelps spoke out about why the group has turned its ire towards T. Swizzle. The group has a visible and vehement hatred of the gay community, but right now, it's scope is aimed at the Swiz. They're equal opportunity haters.

"This girl is a w----. Who else is gonna say that if it’s not the church of the Lord Jesus?" Phelps declared. "She’s coming into our backyard. We’re gonna go preach to her.”

Phelps said that the group realizes Swift's incredible sphere of influence, which she is not using properly, according to their specifications. They believe it is the singer's duty to use her fame and her connection to the young women who are her fans to "promote the standards of God," but instead, she promotes "w----dom, fornication … that filthy lifestyle.”

Say what you will about Swift's dating habits, but she's not promoting w----dom.

Luckily for Swift and her fans, the group doesn't always follow through with its picketing threats. They build hype and then don't show up.