Taylor Swift has a lot to celebrate -- including her new additions to her Grammy collection. However, the singer lost two things recently that would sadden even the brightest hearts: a rolemodel in Whitney Houston and a coveted role in 'Les Miserables.'
"I was a huge fan of Whitney," Swift told E! Online. "And I was also a fan of her spirit. She was always smiling and I just always felt like she was relatable." We're sure that's how her family would most like her to be remembered. Good looking out, Ms. Swift!

So how about that 'Les Mis' role? Swift was initially a frontrunner for Eponine, but the part went to British stage star, Samantha Barks, instead. "Things sometimes don't happen and it happens all the time, that things don't come together," she sighed. "But the thing about my life is that everybody seems to know all these different versions of stories that may or may not be true."

While Swift didn't mention also being bummed about losing potential British boyfriend Eddie Redmayne, we think her last statement may cover that subject as well. On the bright side, she has her hit single 'Safe & Sound' climbing the charts and 'The Lorax' hitting theaters on March 2. Keep your head up, Taylor -- we're all rooting for you!