Taylor Swift is premiering the video for her next 1989 single, "Wildest Dreams," and it appears to involve a bittersweet African safari. A passionate visit to the zebra preserve, at the very least.

"Wildest Dreams music video preview. VMA night. Get ready," Taylor wrote in an Instagram post last night (August 23). The visual for Taylor's spin on Lana Del Rey-style heartbreak will premiere during the MTV VMAs pre-show, as a sort of appetizer for all the Taylor you're going to get at the awards show itself, "Mom Croon" dancing and all.

The teaser opens with a close-up of one eye (I'm gonna go ahead and pretend that's a Lost reference). Then we see some quick cuts of Taylor getting cozy with her love — so tall and handsome as hell, so bad and he does it so well — who's played by Scott Eastwood. Eastwood starred in the Nicholas Sparks love-at-the-rodeo adaptation The Longest Ride, and has a mysterious role in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie (he's also Clint Eastwood's son).

Cavorting zebras, a plane, a foreboding bird and the snuggling couple is all we get in the teaser, but the comments on Taylor's post prove that it's enough material to dazzle her fans. The "Wildest Dreams" visual was directed by Joseph Kahn, who also helmed Taylor's Vevo-record-breaking "Bad Blood" video, so this will likely be another successful collaboration for the two.

While there's a distinct chance we'll get another teaser before August 30, you can watch and dissect the "Wildest Dreams" trailer above until then.

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