There are a little over 24 hours till the world finally sees Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video. And yet, Taylor is still not done dropping hints about her new visual. But instead of revealing a new character, she finally showed who she'll be battling -- Martha Hunt.

The visual, which she posted on Instagram on Saturday morning (May 16), shows the 1989 pop star and Victoria Secret model posing with their backs to each other. The two are also holding swords and looking like they are about to start a sword fight, which only leads us to believe that this could be even more epic than it already is. It also makes us wonder what other duels will be taking place during this video and are hoping (or probably expecting) Taylor to share more of the battles between now and Sunday evening (May 17) when it premieres on the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.

However before the duo was posted on Instagram, Taylor unveiled her 16th "Bad Blood" cast member -- Cindy Crawford. Armed with two swords crossed behind her back, she stands defiantly in the photo as Headmistress. Although we've compared the look of the video to the 2005 graphic film Sin City, Cindy looks a lot more like Uma Thurman's The Bride in the Quentin Tarantino flick, Kill Bill. And by her character's name, she might either be the ringleader or the one Taylor's Catastrophe learns from. See the photo of Cindy Crawford below.

Get ready to see all the action when "Bad Blood" premieres during the Billboard Music Awards tomorrow night on ABC.

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