Taylor Swift embarked on a tour of a different sort this week! This tour did not find the 'You Belong With Me' singer performing onstage.

Instead, it was a promotional tour where Swift touted her debut scent Wonderstuck -- hitting the Big Apple for a fragrance event at Macy's in Herald Square on Thursday, Oct. 13.

Wonderstruck (in stores now) is a warm blend of vanilla and freesia and is named after one of her songs. Swift took to the streets to promote Eau de Swift to her fans and potential customers directly. After all, when you are a celeb and you launch a signature scent, you have to treat it like a song or an album and let people know it's there ... For the spritzing.

Swift breezed through Manhattan with her signature, "look at me" red lips and wearing a beautifully classic, sheer, a-line dress with black stripes.

While promoting Wonderstruck, Swift has said that she thinks scents and songs are the things most often tied to memory and if there's one way that she can connect the Wonderstruck scent to her fans and their memories,  it's with a media blitz such as this.

Check Out Pictures From Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck Launch

[Photo credit: X17Online.com]