So we're in for another awful edition of the 'X Factor' results show. The results of the live performances from last night (Nov. 14) could essentially be tweeted, but naturally, they decide to throw in as much B-roll and nonsense shenanigans from hosts Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez as possible.

Much like last week's results show, there'd be a live performance (Taylor Swift!), but multiple segments passed us by within the hour where nothing happened. No literally, nothing new happened. Aside from the flashbacks to the prior night's episode, and the remaining 10 acts being introduced, we saw nothing interesting. Stop with the filler, Simon Cowell, we want to see which two acts get sent home tonight!

But hold up folks, because 'X Factor' is throwing us a curveball. Before Swift even gets the chance to take the stage, Lopez announced that the first act to leave the show will be announced right now. And so we say goodbye to ...

Lyric145. They received the least amount of votes, which was actually shocking to learn, but that didn't stop Kardashian from immediately saying how "sorry" she was to see them go. Lopez classily stuck a mic in the face and yelled, "HOW DO YOU FEEL?!" Terrible, Mr. Lopez. I imagine they feel terrible.

According to Kardashian, the "sensational" Taylor Swift will be giving an "incredible" performance tonight. At least she knows what adjectives are, right? Oh wait! Those words were the brainchild of a producer, silly us. Her performance of 'State of Grace' was straight up flat. She rarely hit a note on key -- on the plus side, she hit some notes on key, but not enough -- and the performance was a tad boring. At least she looked cute in her hat and blouse, but it still wasn't enough to distract us from Swift's vocals. She sort of performed as if she were a contestant on 'X Factor' herself. We're just used to such much better from her!

Jennel Garcia is headed home after a "sing for survival" of 'The Reason' by Hoobastank that was pretty, but wasn't terribly entertaining. Sure, she was probably and understandably peeved that she was in the bottom two, and you know what? We have no idea why the judges sent her home. Paige Thomas' rendition of 'Paradise' by Coldplay wasn't the best, but then again, Thomas hasn't been great since the auditions.

And so, Paige gets to live to sing another day, but hopefully her mentor Demi Lovato knocks it off with all the smoke in mirrors, because at least Simon said tonight he felt her desire to be here more than Jennel's.

We've been repeatedly told tonight that this is the first time on any musical competition series ever, where we'd learn the order in which the finalists placed in the popularity contest. Except not really, because they did this last week. Here's how the votes went:

Everyone should note how shocked Simon and Jennel Garcia looked when CeCe Frey was announced as "safe" before Garcia, and Paige Thomas in the beginning of the show. The look on their faces was TV gold. Also, what was French Frey wearing? A napkin that covered her nether regions with her thighs fully visible, that's what. Did we just see her butt?! This is a kid's show!

"You know what I gotta say? Tate Nation, God bless you. Thank you all the country fans for voting," said Stevens, who came in First Place for the second time. "For a show that hasn't had a country artist on it ... it feels good."

And so Tate, Carly, and Vino remain in the same spots as last week, making them the frontrunners of the show. Mario Lopez condescendingly said how awful it'd be for the contestants to have worked so hard to be voted off next week if they didn't work hard for next week's show ... and that's that.

At least Britney Spears looked really pretty tonight!