What goes up, must come down: This applies to the laws of gravity, and to Teen Wolf's supernatural population.

High school senior/werewolf Scott McCall and his friends, who most recently shut down a group of professional assassins after exhausting warfare, seemed to have finally found peace in Beacon Hills by the end of the show's fourth season. But as the Alpha Wolf points out in the Season 5 trailer above, the scale has gotta tip eventually, and unfortunately for his pack, it appears to be leaning toward the not-so-favorable.

The clip, which features kisses in the rain, an eerie bevy of dead crows and a handful of blood-splatters (seriously: how cinematic!) most notably introduces a new wolf from Scott's past (Pretty Little Liars' Cody Christian), who's angling to make it into the hero's pack. "Everybody knows that lone wolves...they don't make it in their own," he laments. Regrettably, it also introduces a group of cyborg-looking creatures adorned in masks befitting of a 19th century deep-sea dive, and though Scott and his crew have moved mountains before, these guys look like they might officially prove to be his undoing.

"Something's changed," he observes amid wild combat scenes. "And I think it's because of me. And I don't know how to fix it." When even Dr. Deaton — the town's resident supernatural soothsayer — is stumped, you know you're in dire straits...

Check out the trailer, and be sure to tune in to the Teen Wolf premiere June 29 at 10PM on MTV.