The Harbourlife Festival in Sydney, Australia, ended tragically for 19-year-old concertgoer Georgina Bartter, who died yesterday afternoon (Nov. 8). The Sydney Herald is reporting that her death has allegedly been attributed to a combination of illegal drugs. Bartter's friends told police she had taken one-and-a-half pills, though it is unclear at this time what the substances were.

Police were notified of the unconscious Bartter while raiding Harourlife Festival, which resulted in 78 arrests, all on drug related charges. Bartter died in Australia's St. Vincent's hospital later that day.

Harbourlife Festival -- an annual one-day dance music festival in Australia whose 2014 lineup included Kygo, Dusky, Classixx (pictured above) and more -- took to Facebook to express their condolences and to warn concert-goers of the adverse affect of legal drugs. The statement reads as follows:

Our thoughts go out to Bartter's family during this extremely difficult time.