Indie pop act Tegan and Sara performed at Waterloo Records yesterday (March 13), just off the main SXSW drag. The Canadian sisters, who are twins and released their new album 'Heartthrob' earlier this year, played an outdoor set during the day, to the delight of screaming badgeholders and attendees.

Tegan and Sara make airy, lush music, which was totally appropriate for a daytime gig with the sun shining. It was the perfect atmosphere for the tunes. They kicked off their performance with the 2007 indie pop hit 'In Your head.' The rest of their set list ranged from older songs, like the punchy acoustic single 'Walking Like a Ghost,' to newer hits like 'Heartthrob''s 'I Was a Fool.'

The audio and video quality of the clips is quite good so "teleport" down to Austin for 45 minutes by watching this performance. Pretend like you're there. You know you want to!

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