America loves a sob story and to root for an underdog. That's why Tennessee 'Tent Girl' Amy Brumfield won 'American Idol' viewers and judges over last night (Jan. 18) when she auditioned for the show. Her hard luck story – she lives in a tent because she can't afford to reside anywhere else -- resonated and she showed actual vocal talent when she sang 'Superwoman' by Alicia Keys.

Her story has the makings of a rags-to-riches tale if she keeps going. However, Brumfield, 24, has other issues besides homelessness. In fact, she has a lengthy criminal record, with arrests in 2005, 2007 and 2010. She's also a bit of a boozer.

TMZ unearthed some of Brumfield's mug shots and arrest record, which point to an alcohol problem. Brumfield has been arrested no less than six times in the past seven years. Three of those arrests were alcohol-related.

Brumfield was cuffed n 2005 when she was caught criminally trespassing on private property. The details about where she was, on whose grounds and why are not abundantly clear. But that was just the beginning of an arrest record she was beginning to build.

In 2007, she was arrested twice. One arrest was for unlawful detainer, which means she remained at a property despite an expired lease. Her other arrest that year was for drinking while underage. She pleaded guilty and was slapped with probation.

Some of the details of Brumfield's more recent criminal past are somewhat unsavory, such as the Aug. 22, 2010 incident where the 'Idol' hopeful was so boozed up that she peed on herself at a Baskin Robbins. Earlier than month, she was arrested outside of the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen as she sought a ride home and showed signs of "extreme intoxication."

Despite her issues and her problematic past, if Amy Brumfield keeps her eye on the prize and stays on the straight and narrow, she could be successful in her quest to become the next 'American Idol.'