42-year-old Terisa Griffin showcased her rich, sassy and soulful voice tonight (Sept. 24) on the brand-new episode of 'The Voice,' her cover of Adele’s 'Someone Like You,' winning over both Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton. While she may be a bit older than the other singers who auditioned tonight, don’t let her age fool you – she is still very young at heart.

“That was so lovely,” Aguilera said. “I did hear some nerves in the beginning, but once that chorus came in, you soared.” Shelton then broke into the conversation and explained that he was the one who convinced Aguilera to hit her button, believing that the two women are “a match made in heaven.” But once Shelton finally persuaded her to turn around, he realized that he wanted Griffin for himself as well. “I think you’re awesome, and so I hit my freaking button too … I just have a lot of respect for singers, and you are at the top of the list today,” he said.

Before her performance, Griffin was asked how she planned on catching the judges’ attention, and she replied simply with, “I’m going to let them have it.” And that was exactly what she did. Her sassy personality shined not only through her passionate delivery of the song, but through her subsequent conversation with the judges that followed. She put both Aguilera and Shelton in the hot seat – and after a rather lengthy debate, she eventually chose Shelton's team. “Because you were telling Christina what to do, I’m gonna take you,” she said to the country star.

Griffin’s appearance on ‘The Voice’ was a long time coming. She is no stranger to the music business, having gotten her start many years ago with a gig working for famous singer Jerry Butler. She grew up loving R&B and gospel, which was easy to see during her audition tonight. Now that she has secured her spot on the show, it’s clear that she will continue giving it her all.

“This is my moment,” Griffin passionately remarked. “This is me never giving up, and I won’t give up.”