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We get intimate with Thao + the Get Down Stay Down in this exclusive footage, which includes a performance and an interview. It allows you, dear reader, the chance to get to the know the artist and to hear their music.

The band performs 'Holy Roller' by the water, and it has a stripped down, rootsy and earthy feel. You've got the front row seat and it's as though they are performing just for you.

Thao Nguyen – the Thao of Thao + the Get Down Stay Down, obviously — also sits down for an exclusive chat with us, revealing how her lyrics have both an "energy and a sense of humanity" in them. Beyond that, there is an undercurrent of gratitude that runs throughout their music. "I wrote these songs, with this idea, that we could be taking a lot better care of each other," she said. Their song 'We Are the Common' was inspired by her work in a woman's prison, so at least she's doing her part to try and take better care of others!

Additionally, she spoke about touring in her 20s, which is obviously an important developmental period in a person's life. She also recalled one of their craziest tour experiences, when they were on their first tour, which meant they were "young and tolerant of all kinds of conditions." The venue had been taken over by what she described as "anarchist kids." They dealt with "dog matter" and raw chicken breasts on the stage.

Touring is tough business, but seeing how pro Thao + the Get Down Stay Down are, they managed to navigate a pretty, well, crappy scenario with grace.

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