Flower pots are supposed to be decorations that enhance the beauty of your house or apartment. But such was not in the case for poor The Academy Is… drummer Andry Mrotek. The skinsman, who left the band before it broke up in 2011, tweeted that he was jumped and beaten with a flower pot and/or vase this week in Milwaukee. Yikes!

Mrotek shared photos of some pretty gnarly facial injuries that he received after being beaten in the city's Humboldt Park. Mrotek tweeted about his plight with a bit of a sense of humor. He has every reason to be hopping mad, since his jaw was broken in five places; both orbital bones are fractured; and he required 25 stitches. Adding insult to injury, he revealed that he is getting plastic surgery next week, too.

The drummer itemized his injuries, writing: "Jaw broken in five places, R&L orbitals fractured, 25 stitches. And I get to get plastic surgery in one week. Yay! : )" At least he can punctuate his sentence with an emoticon, since his is going through a lot of pain and suffering. His one eye is pooled with blood and it just looks painful.

He also tweeted an image of the other side of his face and shared that he was smashed with a flowerpot, writing: "Oh, and this is my my good side. Getting a vase smashed in your face, and kicked in in your eyes- getting jumped rules!" Kicked in the eyes? How Andy Mrotek is able to have a sense of humor after such a beating is beyond us. What a positive attitude. We hope cops track down the culprits.

Mrotek also shared details about what he remembered about the attack, but said that he didn't see anyone's faces. Just their feet. He posted: "Walking down Oklahoma (Avenue), humbolt park. And no, I didn't see anyone's face. Just a flower pot and a bunch of feet."

Get better soon, Andy!

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