The Brewer Boys brought an overabundance of cuteness to their mashup of Hall and Oates' 'Rich Girl' and George Michael's 'Faith' on 'X Factor' tonight. But was it enough to convince their on-air mentor, Paula Abdul, to keep them on the show for another week?

The precocious duo, with their shaggy Justin Bieber haircuts, demonstrated some actual musical talent by accompanying themselves on guitar and mandolin (right?) for the peppy opening portion of 'Rich Girl.' But lest anybody's 60-second attention span be pushed to the limit, they soon switched over to 'Faith' as a group of young female dancers began fawning over them.

Judge Nicole Scherzinger launched into a long-winded rant about what posters used to be on her bedroom wall (New Kids on the Block, apparently) in praise of the young duo, but we're pretty sure that was just her passive-aggressive way of pointing out how much younger she is than Abdul.

Simon Cowell was less enthusiastic, declaring that the pair had progressed, but also saying "to me, this didn't shine" and also noting that he "didn't like the choreography." For her part, Abdul said, considering the fact that they'd never performed in this environment, "I think you've come a long way ... you've nailed it." She then proved her continued disconnectedness from reality by referring to them as "unique."

Alas, when it came time for Abdul to vote one of her teams off the show, it was the Brewer Boys who stoically took the hit. Paula naturally got very emotional, ignoring host Steve Jones and his pleas about the need to move on by stating: "You surpassed my expectations. I love you guys, and magic's gonna happen (for you), you'll see."

Watch the Brewer Boys Sing on 'X Factor'